Monitoring of Current Food Trends

Creation of effective compositions

Customized Solutions

Developing exclusive products


Our company’s priority is the innovative growth focused on high quality and safety of the final products. The development of highly efficient food compositions is a sophisticated multi-faceted task which can only be solved by means of a complex approach applied by the creative team of developers working in our own R&D centre.

The focus areas of the innovative strategy of the R&D centre include the design of unique products, the creation of new technological solutions, the search for unconventional (alternative) ingredients and their analysis, the choice of objective criteria for assessing raw material quality and the final product. Combined with a range of exclusive services it enables the company to gain considerable competitive advantages.

We consider our painstaking work, long-standing experience, established business reputation and creative technological solutions to be the secret of our success. Our aim is to make every employee see their own success in the success of the company. We achieve it by ensuring that everyone is in their optimum position where they find their professional and creative balance. Consequently, Alma Veko Food Company successfully combines all the required characteristics for continual growth and development.